Root canal treatment in Bhubaneswar might sound a bit scary, but don’t worry – we’re here to break it down in simple terms. At Elite Dental Clinic in Bhubaneswar, our goal is to make sure you understand everything about the process and feel comfortable every step of the way.

What is a Root Canal Treatment? Root-Canal-Treatment

Imagine your tooth is like a little house, inside which there is a canal system that keeps the tooth alive. When this area becomes infected, it causes a lot of pain. This procedure saves the day by removing the bad stuff inside your tooth.

Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment

Consultation and Diagnosis:

 Your journey begins with a friendly visit to Elite Dental Clinic. Dr. Smruti Nanda Mahapatra MDS, our highly accomplished dentist, will conduct a thorough examination, possibly using X-rays, to determine if a root canal treatment is necessary. Your comfort and understanding are our top priorities.

Local Anesthesia for Comfort:

✅ Once we’ve assessed your tooth’s needs, we’ll administer local anesthesia to ensure you’re completely comfortable throughout the procedure. No need to worry – you won’t feel a thing!

Access Opening:

✅ With your comfort ensured, Dr. Mahapatra creates a small access opening in the tooth. Think of it as opening the door to better oral health.

Gentle Cleaning and Shaping:

✅ Using advanced and precise tools, we gently remove the infected or damaged pulp from inside the tooth. This step is all about cleaning, shaping, and preparing the tooth for its healing journey.

Filling and Sealing:

✅ The cleaned space is filled with a biocompatible material, sealing the canals to prevent future issues. It’s like giving your tooth a protective shield against unwanted germs.

Access Opening Sealed:

✅ The access opening created earlier is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling, ensuring the treated tooth is protected from the top.

Restoration for Strength (If Needed):

✅ Depending on the tooth’s condition, Dr. Mahapatra may recommend a crown to restore its strength and appearance. This final touch is like giving your tooth a sturdy armor for the future.

Post-Root Canal Care:

✅ Your Elite Dental Clinic team will provide clear post-treatment care instructions. Regular oral hygiene and any follow-up appointments are crucial to ensure a smooth recovery.

Why Choose Elite Dental for Root Canal Treatment? Root-Canal-Treatment-Bhubaneswar

✅ Friendly Vibes: Walk into Elite Dental Clinic, and you’ll feel right at home. Our team is super friendly, and we promise your smile is in good hands.

✅ Top-Notch Expertise: Dr. Smruti Nanda Mahapatra is a dental pro. With her expertise, your teeth are getting the royal treatment.

       ✅ Best Available materials and equipments: At Elite Dental Clinic, we are committed to use
superior quality materials sourced from the best brands in the country, we associate with the best
laboratories for all dental work, and use the most appropriate and precise equipments to achieve
the desired results.

✅ Affordable Options: Great dental care shouldn’t cost a fortune. We offer affordable prices because we want your smile to shine without the stress.

✅ One-Stop Dental Shop: Whether it’s a root canal treatment , crown and bridge, dental implants, smile design or a full mouth rehabilitation, Elite Dental Clinic has everything your smile needs.

✅ Multi-Speciality Magic: We’re not just about root canals. We do all sorts of dental procedures, from implants to cosmetic makeovers.

✅ Comprehensive Dental Treatments: Need a filling? Want your teeth to shine? We’ve got you covered. Our clinic offers a bunch of treatments to keep your smile looking awesome. Here you can visit our smile gallery

How to Reach Us:

So, if you’re thinking about a root canal or any dental treatment, Just give us a call at +91 93379 33405, shoot us a message, or visit our dental clinic at Patia Bhubaneswar. We’re always here, ready to chat about teeth and make your dental dreams come true. We’re not just fixing teeth; we’re making smiles, and we’d love to make yours the happiest one yet. See you soon!

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