If you or your loved one has multiple teeth missing or decayed or damaged ! Full mouth rehabilitation/ restoration will transform the smile. It will improve your chewing efficiency, therefore improving your diet and quality of life. Restoration of oral health to optimum will help all the patients in maintaining a good diet and thus provide proper nutrition to their overall well-being.



Full mouth rehabilitation may include a number of approaches to achieve the desired results. Performing endodontic procedure to save the teeth, dental crowns to protect teeth from further damage, extraction of the failed teeth, restoring lost teeth with dental implants, restoring the lost height of your bite, enhancing your smile with dental veneers etc. This may sound complicated, but is actually not. It does need some time to get the desired results via full mouth rehabilitation/ restoration/ reconstruction. All the procedures are safe, customized to your family particular needs and pocket friendly.



 Full Mouth Rehabilitation Bhubaneswar

Dr. Smruti Nanda at Elite Dental Bhubaneswar plans all FMR cases carefully and judiciously. She always takes note of the patient’s requirements and incorporated the same in the final treatment plan. Rebuilding your smile can be done by some of the following procedures;

✅ Dental implants to replace missing teeth

✅ Repairing teeth alignment via braces, Dental Veneers, invisible braces

✅ Filling up of gaps between teeth via Dental Veneers, Dental Bonding, Braces

✅ Treatment of gum disease

✅ Improving your TMD symptoms

✅ Dental restorations to treat cavities

✅ Endodontic procedures to treat infected teeth

✅ Dental crowns as and when needed

✅ Teeth whitening as and when needed

✅ Improving your smile by correct teeth alignment via Veneers.


Patients can undergo a combination of these restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to enhance your smile.

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