Are you confident that your brushing routine is doing your teeth justice? Believe it or not, there might be a few common Tooth brushing mistakes you’re making without even realizing it. Let’s dive into these pitfalls and learn how to give your pearly whites the care they truly deserve.

1. You don’t clean at the right time of day

If you were to only brush once a day when would be the best time? Night time of course! When you are sleeping is the longest period of the day when you are not eating, and therefore, feeding the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. As I speak to people every day, another mistake I encounter is
that many people brush upon arising in the morning before breakfast. It’s OK to freshen your breath in the morning but remember to brush after you eat.

2. You use the wrong brush

Anything other than a soft brush has the potential to harm not only the teeth but the gums as well. Plaque is soft and can be removed easily. Remember, it’s not how hard you brush, it’s how thoroughly you brush. Always use a soft brush.

3. You ignore the rest of your mouth

Your tongue harbors food and bacteria. Use a tongue scraper or your brush to get rid of these harmful bacteria. This will help prevent bad breath.

4. Not using proper technique

Believe it or not, many people never really learn how to brush properly. Always check with us if you have any doubts. Never “scrub” and don’t apply too much pressure. Learn the right technique.

5. Not brushing long enough

Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each time is recommended.

6. You don’t replace your brush

You should replace your brush every 3-4 months, more frequently if the bristles become worn. Worn bristles won’t effectively remove plaque and bacteria. And don’t forget to replace your brush immediately if you’ve been sick! Bacteria and viruses from an illness can reside in the bristles and potentially re-infect you.

Happy Brushing!  As always, we are available to address any concerns you have about the proper way to brush. Don’t hesitate ask us the next time you visit our clinic.

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